How to Add an Event

Here are the most basic instructions on adding an event to the Community’s calendar.

For those new to WordPress do the following to get your event up.

To access the Add Event Form either

  1. Slide your cursor over the  + New option in the top menu bar and click on the Event option, or
  2. On the Conservative Community main menu select the Add Event option under the Calendar menu item.

The Add Event Form has numerous fields and options – You only need to fill out three.

  1. Enter the event title – keep it short as possible so it fits in the calendar view.
  2. Enter the description of the event – put in all the details including location, price, contact info, links to registration website, etc.
  3. Enter the date and time of the event

Once these three are filled in click the Publish button on the right hand side.  Your event is now visible for all to see.

There are lots of other options like adding a picture, location, tags and an organizer. You can try these when you are feeling comfortable with the process.


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