Here’s a few resources for using the Medallion EDA system.


Medallion is based on the Nationbuilder platform which is used by politicians, political parties and activist groups all over the world.  It integrates a few useful tools including websites, social media, prospect databases and email marketing to help you manage your EDA.  Once your Nationbuilder site has been set up by Torch they are who you need to contact for support:

Torch Agencies

Medallion is the brand name for the Nationbuilder platform with Conservative Party themes designed by Torch Agencies. Hamish Marshall (pictured) who is the CPC 2019 campaign manager runs Torch.

Mike Miller ( is our contact at Torch to help us set up our initial EDA site. Once your site is up and running contact Nationbuilder for your ongoing issues.

The Conservative Party tech support cannot help with Medallion except for assistance with moving data between CIMS and Medallion. (Toll free: 1-866-306-7779 | e-mail:

Support Documents & Links


Medallion Website

Here’s the link to the Medallion website extolling all of its benefits.