Twitter Anti-Conservative Bias Exposed

Twitter admits to censoring tweets it does not like (eg. conservative).



Twitter Security Engineer Says Company ‘More Than Happy’ to Give DOJ Trump’s DMs

Big Corporations like Twitter and Google wield enormous power over those they disagree with, and in the age of Trump, it’s only gotten worse.


Twitter is latest target of right-wing Project Veritas

For Twitter, this week has brought the attack of the right wing. First, it was sued by a banned far-right news blogger who claims the company violated his free-speech rights. Now Project Veritas has released a couple of videos clearly meant to portray Twitter as extremely liberal and biased – the latest in the barrage of conservatives’ criticism of tech companies’ purported bias against them.


How Many of Twitter’s 1,110 Foreign Visa Holders Are Actively Working to Shut Down Conservative Speech in America?

On Thursday investigative journalist James O’Keefe and Project Veritas released a shocking report on how Twitter Corporation shadow bans conservative voices on the social media platform. Of course, the liberal US media ignored the shocking report by Project Veritas. What is more disturbing is that Twitter filed 869 labor condition applications for H1B visa and …



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