In a good article on political leadership by MP Michelle Rempel in Macleans, she hits upon one of the big reasons why our culture has moved to the left.

First, the size and scope of government in Canada exponentially expanded around the time of the world wars. Since then, for better and worse, government has grown to touch virtually every aspect of a Canadian’s life.

My generation has grown up in a system in which government is so ubiquitous that many of us rarely think to question the role of government. We’ve developed a tendency to default to accepting the existence of the state across every area of our lives, and to look to the state as the solution to most public-policy issues.

This has led to a widening gulf between the size of the government and our individual ability and desire to scrutinize every aspect of it, and in turn, to scrutinize the people who we entrust with leading it.

When the government is automatically presumed to be responsible for every problem,  its easier to be a victim than to take responsibility for ones own condition. Finding positive ways to reduce the size and scope of government is critical creating a more conservative culture.


Don’t expect celebrities to be political saviours