Fake But Accurate – Michael Wolff Version

One lesson from Michael Wolff’s accuracy challenged book “Fire and Fury” is  how the media uses demonstratively false material to further their preferred left wing narrative.

The dubious reputation of the author or the many falsehoods in the book are ignored if it can used to promote the left’s “Fake But Accurate” notion of the subject covered.




It’s Worse Than a Crime . . .

The Corner The one and only. by Victor Davis Hanson// National Review I agree with most commentators that Michael Wolff’s sensational mythologies in Fire and Fury will be largely forgotten within three weeks – with one caveat (see below).



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‘Fire and Fury’ author points to White House reaction as proof of book’s accuracy. Michael Wolff tells CBC’s The Current ‘If this is a work of fiction, they’re taking it very seriously.’ Background: https://t.co/zdja7OP5iF

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