Wai Young, BC National Council Candidate

Please allow me to introduce myself and why I am asking for your vote to become one of BC’s two National Councillors for the Conservative Party of Canada.

My name is Wai Young and I am the former Member of Parliament for Vancouver South. Like you, I was clearly disappointed by the results of the federal election on October 19.

Despite the hard work of thousands of conservatives throughout BC, including the hundreds of supporters serving local EDAs, unfortunately we were not successful in reminding enough voters of our many achievements during our years in office, including our efforts to strengthen Canada’s economy through economic growth; to support and protect Canadians; and to stand up for Canada and her allies on the world stage.  We have much to be proud of, but it is clear that over the next few years our Party must do more – from new policy initiatives to supporting your important work on the front lines – to attract new members to our Party and welcome others back into our tent.

Certainly, we are all excited about the Leadership Race, but at this Convention, we also need to focus on electing a strong National Council that is representative of our Party’s diversity, with councilors who have experience in all the different areas that we need to sharpen so we can work once more as a team to win in 2019.

I believe that my experience makes me a unique candidate for National Council and I am excited by this opportunity to help rebuild our Party. Please click this link for my biography which includes my professional experience, leadership roles and commitment to public service.  In addition, should I be honoured to receive your vote, as one of BC’s National Councillors, I am committed to work to:

  • Reduce the existing membership fee and identify other ways our Party can welcome newcomers. Please read this and this article and see what some of our Conservative Members of Parliament are saying about our own party!
  • Grow our membership and develop ways to help and increase support for the important work done by local EDAs.
  • Develop an EDA toolbox and a regional events calendar to keep the Conservative logo and brand fresh at local and regional events.

It was a honour to serve Canadians as the Member of Parliament for Vancouver South. It will be a privilege to serve Canadian Conservatives and our Party as one of BC’s National Councillors. I salute my fellow candidates and I salute you for your service as a Delegate to this convention. As Party members and volunteers, let’s roll up our sleeves, do the work, and prepare for battle in 2019!

I look forward to speaking with you before and during Convention to hear your ideas and gather your feedback. Please also feel free to contact me directly at my email: wai@waiyoung.ca or call me at 604 603 8211 or come and introduce yourself to me! (I’m in the picture above!)

With best wishes as you travel to convention,

Wai Young
Candidate for National Councillor (BC)



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