Scott Lamb, BC National Council Candidate

First of all, congratulations on becoming a delegate for the upcoming Conservative Party of Canada convention in Vancouver.  As a delegate, you will play an important role in shaping the future of our party and our country.  Among the responsibilities at the convention is your right to vote for two BC National Councillors.

My name is Scott Lamb and it has truly been an honour to be B.C.’s voice on National Council for the last 3 years.  I am writing you this email seeking your support for re-election as your BC National Councillor for the Conservative Party of Canada.

It is an exciting time here in BC as the Party is energized and gearing up to host the National Convention in Vancouver at the end of this month. I am honoured to have been asked by the National Council to Chair the Convention and I am working hard with our team to make it a success.

This is also a time of change and transition for our Party as we seek reform and renewal in our operations in preparation for the election in 2019.  There will be significant change on National Council as the President, Vice President and Secretary are all ending their terms. As a result, there will be new leadership and I am committed to stepping forward to take on a leadership position and give BC a bigger voice in our Party.

Over the past term I have demonstrated my commitment to the party, the EDA leaders and the grassroots.  I havedemonstrated my ability to collaborate and find solutions to problems.  Together we have accomplished much, but as we know it was not enough to win the last election.  We have a strong base to build from and BC once again needs to be the compass of the renewed Conservative Party of Canada.

As we navigate forward, we need proven leadership, integrity, trust and hard work.  I believe I am the candidate that has demonstrated those qualities to you. That is why I am running again, seeking your vote to re-elect me so I can get down to work. With your help we can show the voters we are ready to govern with a strong, united party and the best field of candidates in 2019.

Don Nightingale, the other National Councillor for BC, is also seeking re-election. We have worked well together. We believe we have the professional skills and experience to guide our Party through the changes and transition that needs to take place. We believe we are the best team for BC. 

Over the coming weeks I will be reaching out directly to you and other delegates to hear your thoughts, ideas and directives about the future of our Party.  In the meantime, check out to learn more about me and our campaign and to keep informed on the latest information in advance of the Convention.  Also feel free to contact me any time at 604.318.6873 or on Facebook at

I look forward to connecting with you and seeing you at the Convention.

In particular we hope to see you on Friday night, May 27th at 7:00 PM onward at the Bellagio Wine Bar located directly next to the convention centre where the BC delegates will gather to thank and honour all the hard working candidates and EDA volunteers from the last campaign.

Keep checking our website and facebook for additional updates on hospitality suites and other gathering opportunities during the convention.

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Scott Lamb
National Councillor
Conservative Party of Canada



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