May 23rd, 2016 – The Queen Still Rules

Monday:  Happy Victoria Day. I hope you enjoyed a wonderful long weekend. Queen Victoria still reigns over the most majestic room in Parliament – the library. I snapped this before leaving Ottawa. Erin O’Toole


Conservative Party of Canada

I invite everyone to read this letter to the editor in which I set the record straight on the ongoing lawsuit. I also reiterate my commitment to fulfilling all the items on my mandate letter.
Kent Hehr

Why are the Liberals driving away investment in Canadian energy and creating more uncertainty for this struggling sector – at the very worst time?
Shannon Stubbs

Here is the text of a speech I gave last week on Income Inequality and bill C-2.
Garnett Genuis

Passion In Parliament Should Never Lead To Misconduct
Erin O’Toole, Huffington Post

‘Prompt Payment’ Bill Proposed To Ensure Federal Funds Go ‘Down The Food Chain’
Sen. Don Plett, Huffington Post

A remarkable family photo that captures 5 generations & 167 years of life, from 1843 to 2010. My father’s the baby.
Jason Kenney

Let us stand together and commit to ensuring that Fort McMurray will not be forgotten.
Matt Jeneroux

Today, I join Canadians from coast to coast to coast in officially celebrating the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada. This year, the Queen celebrated her 90th birthday, a very special milestone. Now in its 64th year, Her Majesty’s reign is the longest in the modern history of Canada.
Rona Ambrose

Memes, Cartoons

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six,


We will live stream the Conservative Convention. Please share so other people will have the opportunity to watch!
Elect Conservatives in 2019

Liberals into Full Scale Damage Control
Thunderbird Rising

Think Tanks/Advocacy

Trudeau should keep secret ballot union votes

Fort Mac claims its rightful pride of place
PRESTON MANNING, Special to The Globe and Mail

Terminating an Identity: Liberalism and the Anglo-Canadian Community
Paul Bradley

Canada May Ban Anti-Transgender Speech With 2 Years in Prison
Christian Post

Media Opinion

Canadian Journalist Lauren Southern: Facebook Reverses Conservative Censorship, Twitter Verifies

Hey Conservatives, stop apologizing!
Lorrie Goldstein, Toronto Sun

Wynne, McGuinty green energy fiasco has left Ontarians drowning in red ink

CBC’s “government comedians” joke (and lie) about #Elbowgate — and we pay for it

Stefan Molyneux: Venezuela is sliding into a Stalinist hell. Where is the American media?

Son of Hamas leader: “Free people need to unify against Islam itself as a belief system”

“It’s too late to save Norway, Denmark, Germany and so on”

God save Victoria Day . . . from Social Justice Warriors! Let the fireworks begin!

Media News

Last of ISIL’s beheading ‘Beatles’ identified, has Canadian connection
National Post

B.C. refugee groups angered by suggestion food bank usage ‘cultural’
Vancouver Sun

Proposed free-memberships make some Liberal MPs nervous – The change, some party insiders believe, would make incumbent MPs more vulnerable to nomination challenges, sometimes from single-issue or ‘phony’ candidates.
Hill Times

Canadian hostage pleads for help from Philippine president-elect in ‘final message’ video
National Post

Canadian PM Trudeau Abandoning Western Values
The Daily Wire

Canada highlights Syrian refugees in bid for UN Council seat
Yahoo News

Retired police officers warn Quebec against starting costly gun registry
The Canadian Press

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