May 22nd, 2016 – The Grassroots Wants In!

Sunday Pic::  Conservative grassroots seek change, more power at upcoming convention – Stephanie Levitz, The Canadian Press


Conservative Party of Canada

Last week the Liberal in charge of changing how we elect politicians told Jason Kenney there doesn’t need to be a vote because Canadians can Tweet about the future of our democracy instead. So what happens when people tweet that they want a referendum?
Rona Ambrose

There’s so much going on in Ottawa. From the debt spending and looming tax hikes, to abandoning our allies on the world stage, to all of the lapses in accountability and ethics by the Trudeau Liberals. We want to make sure that we’re advancing your priorities – while holding the Liberal Government to account. Help us – take a moment, and fill out our survey. It only takes a minute!

How the Liberals are running out the clock on election reform
Scott Reid, MP

Following the negative incident last week and my speech regarding our PM’s actions, I’ve been inundated with both positive and negative response. I feel compelled to comment one last time.
Todd Doherty, MP

CPC Convention Schedule Now Posted

CPC Leadership Race

Winning Conservative leadership will be difficult for Calgary MPs: Political scientist

Memes, Cartoons

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, nine, ten, eleven


The UN controls how Canadians are permitted to live their lives

A Se’nnight of Steyn, May 16-22

Think Tanks/Advocacy

Kathleen Wynne had quite the week. Our Ontario Director Christine Van Geyn gives a summary of how Wynne made life harder and more expensive in Ontario in just 5 days.
Canadian Taxpayers Federation


Steady on, Justin Trudeau. You’re meant to be the good guy.  Canada’s prime minister is a spoiled rich kid whose manhandling of fellow politicians matters more than his accidental elbowing of Ruth Ellen Brosseau
Barbara Ellen, Guardian

Syrians residing in Lebanon with father working in Europe eligible for refugee status in Canada
CIJ News

I was BANNED from Facebook for writing about Facebook censorship — See what happened NEXT

Here’s who REALLY has veto power on Trans-Mountain expansion — Trudeau’s Liberals gave it to them

Why did Wynne give THIS school a “Get Out of Sex-Ed Free” card?



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