May 20th, 2016 – You Expect Democracy from the Guy Who Admires China?

Friday Pic:  Today in Question Period, I asked the Liberals why they want to exclude millions and millions of Canadians from the discussion on electoral reform. Once again, I got complete non-answers from them. It’s no wonder their responses have been characterized by Chantal Hébert as “asinine,” “disingenuous,” “discredited,” “farcical,” and “insulting our intelligence.” MP Jason Kenney


Conservative Party of Canada

When will Government quit playing both sides of the border, and bring home a new softwood lumber agreement that will protect the hundreds of thousands of forestry jobs in this country?
Todd Doherty

‘Free the beer!’ demands Conservative MP in last Question Period before long weekend
Dan Albas via Global

Earlier today I pressed the Liberal Government during Question Period to work with Manitoba Pork producers as the Minister of Agriculture has ignored calls from farmers to intervene on a decision by the Canadian Food and Inspection Agency (CFIA) that will change the sanitation requirements preventing the porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) virus in Western Canadian swine herds.
Larry Macguire


What if it had been Harper?

Entire NDP caucus arrive in neck braces, wheelchairs to House of Commons after Trudeau’s assault
The Beaverton

‘Do I have justify how hard I was hit in the breast?’: MP criticized after being elbowed by Trudeau
National Post

Toronto Star: Trudeau “proves his critics right” with his “foolish temper tantrum”
CIJ News

Ruth Ellen Brosseau target of personal attacks since being elbowed by Trudeau – NDP MP says she accepts Trudeau’s apology, but adds the PM has not contacted her directly
CBC News

Top 10 things the Media Party IGNORED about Justin Trudeau’s #Elbowgate meltdown
Rebel Media

From Chretien to Justin Trudeau, Liberals aren’t above bullying for the cause

If Stephen Harper had ever bullied MP’s like Justin Trudeau, there would be immediate and widespread demands for his resignation.
Jason Kenney

Why narcissistic behaviour is a plus for politicians — including Justin Trudeau
National Post

Justin Trudeau’s Honeymoon Is Officially Over
Nationa Review

Memes:  One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine

Energy & Pipelines

We want to see 20,000 signatures on a Government of Canada petition supporting pipelines. That will make it one of the biggest digital petitions ever given to Parliament
Canada’s Energy Citizens

It’s great to see that the Squamish Nation is a partner is so many exciting projects, including Woodfibre LNG, in their territory!
Yes to LNG – Squamish

Fort McMurray contractors shut out of clean-up work – Alberta government agency refuses association members to ‘register’ as pre-qualified contractors
Canadian Contractor

B.C.’s Lower Mainland mayors vow to fight Trans Mountain pipeline expansion
Financial Post

Media Links

After “Elbowgate”, Liberals back away from imposing anti-democratic “Motion 6”

73% of Canadians want national referendum on electoral reform, poll suggests
Global News

Trudeau says $30B budget deficit not hard limit

Liberals put new spin on old style Quebec politics to give your money to aerospace industry

Kady O’Malley: Liberal legislative meltdown is an early lesson for Trudeau and his government
National Post



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