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Join the movement in support of Constitutional Amendment 68, proposing the establishment of a youth commission for the Conservative Party of Canada. At the upcoming convention, our fellow party members of all ages and backgrounds have the chance to ensure our party can remain competitive by engaging youth, encouraging their participation in the party and by recruiting young people to join the Conservative movement.

The benefits of a youth commission are endless. Here are some key benefits:

1) Provides an additional outlet for youth to participate in order to ensure that ALL young Conservatives can find their place in the party and be included at discussions and decision making processes.
2) Young members are not obligated to be a part of the youth commission if they don’t feel that they want to play a role in youth recruitment or don’t want to be a part of the youth engagement strategy.
3) Help young Conservatives develop valuable skills to become leaders of not only today’s, but also tomorrow’s Conservative Party.
4) Allow young Conservatives across the country to coordinate ideas and events.
5) Allow more introverted young Conservatives to share their ideas with members around their age to discover ways they can get involved.
6) Encourage young Conservatives to be active in order to strengthen, unite and improve the party in order to ultimately win elections, using the same membership privileges as all other members.
7) Inform young Conservatives of events and programs that may appeal to them (currently, they are difficult to find and and not well communicated).

Our party simply can not lose the support of young Canadians, who are the future of this country and of our party. In the last election, we fell last among the 3 major parties with 20% of the youth vote, while the Liberals gathered 45% (which ultimately led to their win), largely due to their presence on social media and on campuses, as well as a youth engagement strategy created by a large group of youth. Our party’s current strategy is not working, and we must be inclusive of all youth in order to better engage young voters and win. We must shake off the perception that we are anti-youth and embrace the intelligence and energy of young Conservative who have a lot to offer to the party.

This motion was put forward by young Conservative Party members and will be supported by party members of ALL ages because it benefits the party as a whole. We hope to have your support as well! Yes to youth, yes to the future!

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