As Proposals Increase, Convention Policies Decrease

At every convention, the number of proposals being submitted by the membership has increased…while the number of policy proposals discussed has decreased!
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As a member of the CPC National Policy Committee, I was thrilled to see the Committee receive over 350 policy proposals from EDAs and regional meetings – more than ever before!

Last week, the Policy Convention Package (click here) revealed that there will only be 3 – policy breakout sessions at convention, each considering 22 policy resolutions, prior to plenary.

Sadly, that is only 66 policies – the lowest that I can remember.

The Party’s own “Rules for Policy and Constitution Discussion” even states that each policy breakout session could accommodate 3 MORE proposals per session.  That would have resulted in 75 policy resolutions to be considered at convention – if they just followed their own rules.

And there is no reason why we couldn’t have 4 or 5 policy breakout sessions, running them concurrently, as has been done at past conventions.  This would have allowed us to add up to another 50 policy resolutions at convention for consideration by our delegates.

“There simply isn’t enough time at convention” the organizers will cry!

But it certainly seems convention organizers and National Council are doing their best to ensure as few policy proposals make their way to convention for discussion, even while the number of local and regional policy meetings and proposals from our membership have increased!

We cannot stand idly by and watch our membership be muzzled. 

This is why I am urging you to support the amendment at by clicking HERE.  Just sign, scan (or take a picture) and send the completed form to

Resolutions with broad based support (100 delegate from 100 ridings) should automatically be discussed at policy breakout sessions at convention – and not arbitrarily shut down by a select few in closed-door meetings.  The same mechanism for moving constitutional amendments to convention already exists. It is time to return accountability to Party members.


Doug Hawkins
National Policy Committee

P.S.  In order for this amendment to pass, we need signatures from delegates from 100 different EDA’s. Help us spread the word!  And don’t forget to share and like the Facebook page!

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